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December 24th, 2015 9:56 am

Hey there, folks!


This Ludum Dare has been very meaningful to me, beginning with the fact that I started working as a freelance programmer to make other people’s games while trying to live, it was about time (after missing 3 Ludum Dares), for me to make a game of my own.


To be honest I started this journey because I wanted to experiment with Unity’s WebGL and the WebSockets implementation, which turned out not being as hard as I expected. In the middle of the weekend I began to work on Tama Battle which ended up being my entry for this edition.


Combining a bit of RPG, a bit of Multiplayer and a bit of RANDOMNESS I created this little game, that is already turning into something bigger. Yeah, because fuck it, I want to make this a brilliant and beautiful game, something people can enjoy everywhere (Mobile & Browser based), because that’s why I “signed” into being an independent game developer. Not to make someone else’s games.


And that’s why I’m happy to announce the following new features coming by the start of next year (start of January):

  • Android support (I might consider going to iOS too depending on how enjoyable it is on Android devices).
  • Unlockable Skills: Using experience points, you’ll be able to unlock skills from a skill tree divided in three essences (Fire, Water, Earth).
  • New Stat ‘INT’: Will determine the chances your pet’s got to execute any of the skills you’ve unlocked for him.
  • Fight Buffs: Let’s say you loose three fights in a row. You’ll have a chance of being blessed with a buff that will either lower incoming damage for the next fight, or heal for every hit you make, etc.
  • Daily Challenges: To put some incentive into keep on playing the game, there will be Challenges ala “Hearthstone” that will affect your fights. And if you complete them, will give you sweet sweet rewards (Either a ton of exp, some extra stat points, or something I’m keeping a secret!).
  • Gold Accounts: By supporting the development (it will be priced at 2,99$), you’ll receive a life-long experience boost (you’ll level up faster than normal accounts). This will also be on Android, and depending on how supportive you guys are, that could mean no Ads forever! 😀
  • Stat and experience gain balancing.
  • Resting will no longer be timed, and will be like a clicker. The faster you press the Rest button, the more you’ll heal your pet!
  • Bug fixing!


There will also be a website for the game ready sometime before this month ends (http://tama.devmidgard.com/), be sure to check it out!

And that’s it for the moment, you can go and enjoy some christmas season fights while there’s snow on the game!

View & play the game here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=11046





Oh, I almost forgot, there’s a hilarious gameplay video someone made (really appreciate it!):

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