Turnaround Story

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December 23rd, 2015 1:58 pm


The original subject of this post was  supposed to be “My Top7 LD34 games”, but I want to share a more important experience. After 4 crazy days filled with stress, domestic arguments, team tensions, heavy editing and a ungodly amount of unhealthy food…Fluffy Horde made to the LD.

My first reaction was to send the link to friends and other devs. Unfortunately it was pretty late of here in Brazil and only one person (game/dev) was online, “At least one person is online…Lucky!” I thought at first. I was deadly wrong.

Since I don’t want to drop names, let’s just call him Skinner. The chat conversation went like this.

Me: Dude, Just finished my first LD game! Want to play it?

Skinner: Sure! Why not.

Me: Did you make one?

Skinner: Nope.

Me: Cool, here is the link.

(Minutes after)

Skinner: Do you want the real talk or the friend talk?

Me: Just be honest with me.

Skinner: It’s messed-up.

Me: continue..

Skinner: I was not sure what to do at first and then After a while I figured-out how to play it, I found it boring as hell.

Me: Go on…

Skinner: The intro was more or less, the art is just ok and the game itself is shit.

Me: I think the intro is pretty good.

Skinner: hehhhh we can go with that….

Me: Let’s see what people think

Skinner: Yeah….


Then he went on being sarcastic saying this would be game of the year. After the conversation was over I was a bit depressed.

Calling a fellow dev game “shit”? How constructive is that? Don’t get me wrong, he was right in many things he pointed-out and we already made some tweaks based on his feedback, but he could do that without being a total asshole.

I come from the Ad industry and it’s very common to redo work here and there, but being a dick is different thing.

After the storm…

The following days were amazing! We got some awesome feedback from people all around the globe! Here are some of them:


Even a mobile company contacted in order to make a deal with us. After all of this positive vibe, we will turn it into a full game!!

Assholes are just like the bunnies in Fluffy Horde, they are everywhere and they can be very misleading, but you can always turn things around.



Slash Quest

Parse the Sky

Double Kick Heroes

Conga Master

Orb Lords


Riders on the Steep

7 Responses to “Turnaround Story”

  1. Galvesmash says:

    You should be proud with the results you are getting man! You did an awesome job with this game and even got a chance to make a deal with a mobile company!
    Well, I liked Fluffy Horde a lot. Let’s keep in touch fellow brazilian developer!
    Good luck!

  2. zulman says:

    Good job guys, keep going!

  3. Drury says:

    Hah! Jealousy.

  4. MSiddeek says:

    I’m always afraid to ask someone directly to play my game because of this kind of feedback 😀

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