Squ’s time management in a graph

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December 23rd, 2015 3:15 am

Here’s how our time management looks like for the Squ Jam entry!


Here’s a quick list of lessons learnt:

  • Art takes time – for the first time, I (Wan) planned to focus on art rather than code, and unexpectedly I ended quite happy with the results, given my average drawing skills. The hard part instead was that I’m not used to spend that much time squeezing out assets, and for a rushed coder like me it certainly was a good lesson in patience.
  • Review your technical bottlenecks *before* the jam – Every other LD we end up making a platformer, and every. single. time. We spend ages on issues with collisions management and the integration of TilEd (our map editor). The main reason, in the end, is just that we’re not very experienced with physics engines, and it shows: a large part of our time & energy was spent on it, instead of happier things such as level design.
  • Spend more time on level design – Of the total 5.5h logged as “Level design”, maybe 3h max was spent on the final levels. It’s still more than our previous entries, but we do seem to procrastinate that task… Too bad because that’s where you get to show that cool gameplay mechanic, and overall, for a platformer, good or bad level design make or break the fun of a game (emphasized for future me :P).
  • With good hardware, audio is easy – It’s a more advanced lesson targeted at musicians, but I just discovered how important a good audio interface is. I bought one right before the jam, and not only I was finally able to record noise-free voices, but also the overall mixing and sound-picking for the music felt much easier. The game features no less than 6 – short – music pieces, yet I managed to wrap up satisfying tracks in less than 4 hours.
The making of Squ's art probably deserves its own post :P

“How to make art as a s***ty artist”. The making of Squ’s assets probably deserves its own post :P

Overall we still made a great deal of progress in time management since our last entry together, learnt a lot of things and had a huge amount of fun as usual. Thanks for reading! Now go play and rate our game 😉

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  1. MSiddeek says:

    I see this game took some coding! Nice!

    • Manu & Wan says:

      Move than it should have unfortunately!

      It feels like the 80/20 rule applied here: 20% of the time was spent coding most of the game, 80% was spent configuring & fixing up collisions 😛

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