New Update to Growdom

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December 23rd, 2015 6:36 pm


Just updated the Kongregate version of my Ludum Dare 34 games which can be played:


Note this is not a compo version so don’t use it for rating, if you want to rate play:


I have really enjoyed making this update and realizing justĀ  how bad (and wrong) some of the original code was. This means that some of the main features of this new build are bug fixes, but I have also updated spawning script to make the start of games more varied and fair and I have changed the UI to make it easier to understand along with some balancing and optimizations.

I will most definitely continue to update this game but for now only on Kongregate so as to not get the compo version muddled up on However when the voting has finished this will also be updated to the latest version.


And as always, thank you very much for playing my game.

If you want to see what the changes to this version, here are is the Change Log:

+ Added tile type display, building name will be green if it is the optimum type for the terrain type
+ Added some useful messages to give the user more information about what is happening
(e.g. that a building is already at the maximum level so can’t be upgraded any more)

= Changed fog to use curved edges similar to how the kingdom border is done
= Changed scenes to be loaded additively
= Changed resource display poll resources to be more correct
= Changed resource cost display to show current resources/net and cost resource/net change separately to be more clear
= Changed cost resource display colours to show effect of building/upgrade/attack where the cost will be red if possible
and the net will be dependant on the final net (i.e green if the effect will end up being positive, red if negative)
= Changed team spawning to be randomly generated to give more variety and be fairer at start (will mostly start with positive net for all resource types)

= Reduced amount of gold produced by towns
= Changed attack cost when attacking a different team to include the base cost of the tile dependant on the terrain type
= Increased starting resources to 100 for each type (from 20)

Bug Fixes:
= Fixed bug where lines would end up between tiles at certain zoom levels, now uses a default material with “Pixel snap” turned on
= Fixed bug where display tiles would not be destroyed when new instance of the game is loaded
= Fixed bug where upgrade cost was inconsistent/wrong
= Fixed bug where the cost for building/upgrading buildings was applied incorrectly
= Fixed bug where resource display was incorrect
= Fixed bug where team start locations where stored in a static variable making them not be reset on starting a new game causing
an infinite loop when trying to find a new start location
= Fixed bug where buildings could be downgraded to negative levels
= Fixed bug where you can attack tiles if you click on a development button when you can’t build upgrade
= Change internal method of accessing upgrade data to make it more difficult for me to make mistakes and made it work properly

= Other optimisations and bug fixes

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  1. MSiddeek says:

    Liking the new UI tips! AWESOME!!!

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