Have you met the Mocos?

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December 22nd, 2015 9:34 pm

Hello! I show you my first game ever, my first LD obviously.


This is just a survival game where you have to try to survive the most time possible, without limit of time and without limit of mocos to kill.

It’s really hard, I know, but this happens because I had no time to do all I wanted (ok.. ok.. I really want a hard game too 😉 )

I made a video gameplay to show you some tips:


Link to the game – Survive the Moco


My experience

As I said before, this is my first game, and I did it in the 72h of this jam. It was a very good experience.

My participation in Ludum Dare was presential, so the best part was when I saw the face of the people playing my game, some players were really frustrated with the difficulty of the game and other were really proud when they got the best time. Really funny.

Things that I wanted to implement and I had no time:

  • PowerUps: Better weapons with limited ammo.
  • Moco abilities: Each Moco could have one ability for each size.
  • Procedural map: The map is random, it is going auto-generating where you move. (This was implemented but I had mouse problems in random places)
  • Stamina: Your speed changes with rest or something (Maybe only for this version without powerUps)
  • Stronger enemies: Stronger enemies appear from time to time.
  • Scores: A high score ranking.


Thanks for playing!

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