Garden Grow Post-Compo Update!

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December 22nd, 2015 1:51 pm

Under most circumstances, I’m the kind of guy who moves on to the next project once the first is completed. But thanks to the overwhelming support and feedback from the LD community, I’ve decided to try and polish this game and make it a little more enjoyable! And thus, I present to you… Garden Grow 1.1! The changelog is available on the entry page, but I’ll take this time to explain them a little more in depth.

Ooooh, pretty!

Ooooh, pretty!

First major thing that was addressed was the art! I’ve seen many comments on how the graphics feel disjointed, since the background is far more detailed and higher res than the characters. After doing a bit of research on how to make fluffy pixel clouds and do pixel dithering, I finally managed to unify the aesthetics of the game! This was what took up the most of my time, seeing as I had to redo most of the art from scratch.

Side by side comparison

Side by side comparison

The player can now save progress! Every flower you earn is kept in your browser’s cache, so you can return to collecting flowers later and actually grow the garden! What’s more, a few different things are being saved as well, namely Birds and Magic. Birds records the number of birds you jumped on. Magic records the combined number of boxes you collected and the number of times the player has jumped on a thundercloud. What’s the point of recording these information down, you ask? We’ll get to that later.

Flowers now bloom according to your score! Small flowers are worth one point, medium are worth 10, and large are worth 100. Simple! Right now there are no 1000-point flowers, though, so the game won’t reflect your score properly in the garden if you manage to exceed 1000 flowers. Right now, this feature is a tad buggy, with the larger flowers spawning in front of the smaller ones. This will get rectified in the next version.

Birds now give 3 flowers instead of 5. Thunderclouds give -7 flowers instead of -3. So all in all, it’s harder to gather flowers now.

Moving Forward
Right now, the game is being set up for at least one more iteration. The Magic variable is a clue already. So, what can you expect in the next build?

– Garden support. Flowers worth 1000, and the option to buy a NEW garden and start from scratch when you reach 10,000 flowers. Old gardens will turn into floating islands and float in the background.
– NPCs. More NPCs are going to make an appearance, and they’ll do a bit of talking as well. But the main reason they’re there is mainly for….
– Economy. Trade flowers, birds and magic with NPCs to grow your garden more effectively!
– Mobile version. MAYBE. I’ve never done anything like this before, but it’s worth a shot! The game was made with mobile in mind, after all…
– New soundtrack. Not very likely, but I might give composing another go! We’ll see how it goes.
Microtransactions! Nah, just messing with ya.

Before I sign off, I’d like to thank everybody that played, commented and rated on my game. Your support is what drove me to make these improvements, and hopefully you’ll come back to play a second time! And if you haven’t played my game yet, well, give it a go! If you plan on rating the game, though, be sure to play the original one.

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  1. adsilcott says:

    Hey it’s really cool to see this update! It addressed just about all if the little things that bothered me in the first version and it feels more polished and consistent. Nice!
    One little thing: some of the textures in the new version have a wrapping artifact. I know how to fix that in Unity, but not in GDevelop– it might be a matter of adding an empty one pixel border around the textures.

  2. piper82 says:

    looks amazing now!

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