3 more favourites after rating 100 games

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December 22nd, 2015 10:46 am

A few days ago, I wrote up a post highlighting 3 games that stood out as my favourites after playing and rating 50 games. I’ve since reached the 100 game milestone, so figured now was a good time to put a spotlight on 3 more games that I’ve been having a lot of fun with.

Before we get to that, I want to express once more how impressed I am with the overall quality of games this go around. Almost all the games that I’ve played have great twists on the theme, or a huge amount of polish, or are just plain’ ol lots of fun – whether they’re from LD veterans or people who’ve just made their first trip to the rodeo.

Now let’s get to the good stuff, in no particular order:

Left-leaning by tayl1r (Compo)


If you’re a certain age, and are the type of person to run straight to the racing games every time you set foot in an arcade, you probably have very fond memories of Super Off Road from 1989. I probably put more quarters into that machine than the GDP of most countries throughout my formative years. Left-leaning plays like a totally demented take on that game, with some hilarious graphical effects to boot. Despite tayl1r’s claim in the post-mortem for the game that this game doesn’t do anything subversive with the theme, I’d argue it’s the most subversive take on the “two-button controls” theme I’ve seen so far.

Burgeoning by uthamon (Compo)


uthamon describes this game by saying “Those who crave these glitchy-looking, seizure-giving pieces of artsy software found in the wastes of internet will probably like this.” I’m not sure I fall into that category, but I sure like this. It’s a solid platformer puzzle game with a whole lot of mood and a unique visual style. There’s been a handful of great games that I’ve come across this Ludum Dare that use “growing” as a theme to mean personal growth, and this one has my favourite twist on it of the lot.

Vine by dvdking (Compo)


This game is a charmer. At first blush, it’s a slightly wonky not-quite-endless runner, and we see a lot of those during Ludum Dare when they fit theme, and in indie gaming in general. However, this is a much more compelling game than that: the movement is handled somewhat uniquely for the genre, which makes for a great feeling of gradual mastery of the game, and the obstacles and enemies are varied enough to make for a good challenge. The sound and graphics definitely are fitting of what you’d expect for a compo entry, but all in all make for an aesthetic that put a huge smile on my face. This isn’t a terribly long game when you get good at it, but it’s one that I keep coming back to when I want a hot blast of Ludum Dare fun.

As always, this barely scratches the surface of what I’ve seen and enjoyed this Ludum Dare, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the amazing pile of games we managed to make together.

For better or worse, this post probably marks the end of my time playing and rating games for Ludum Dare 34 – in just over 24 hours, I’m headed out to meander the country visiting family for about two weeks, so I won’t be back home and reunited with a computer capable of any real gaming until just after the judging period ends. I may be able to squeak in a game or two during some downtime later today, but it’s unlikely. I guess the party has to end sometime. Good luck in the rest of the judging, friends!

I’ll leave you with one final plug: you really should play and rate Xtreme Crop Duster Simulator ’82. I promise it’s probably decent.

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  1. zulman says:

    Thank you! Awesome games. Hope you’ll take a look at our Let’s Play Simulator 2016 too http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=31114

  2. sergicollado says:

    Thanks for discover this great games, I really enjoy playing them, I didn’t know them.
    Maybe you could check out my game, an wirte me a comment wih your opinion, it would be really useful to me.

  3. uthamon says:

    Thanks! I’m really glad that someone saw through visual style of my entry and was able to notice simple, yet not axiomatic message it carries.

  4. dvdking says:

    Thanks a lot, really appreciated such recognition!

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