Sanctuary Station post-ludum

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December 21st, 2015 7:55 am

This LD I made a tetris-like base builder in space!

Sanctuary Station in action!

I made this as a Jam, because I did not have Saturday off and wanted to spend 2 days on the LD. (basicly a compo entry, with only two sound effects sourced externally.)

The Concept

This game started out slightly differently – I had prepared/pre-thought about games for most themes, but this theme combo stumped me a bit. At Sunday 1200 I finally had a concept, which was more about the guys in the pods than the pods themselves. A few hours laters I realized matching the pods to the central hub is actually the fun part!

The Bad

  • Spent too much time on the lil guys in the pods & them walking about
  • The pod movement is a tad klunky when you change direction or collide
  • Could have added more sound FX, more appropriate music (always the last to go in)
  • Only 2 levels, of which one is more a tutorial

The Good

  • Pivoting when finding the fun
  • The ‘clunk’ of airlocks joining
  • The learning curve – the two missions have good ways of ‘starting’ fully when the player gets the mechanics
  • The visuals – simple sprites, with moving light from the guys and (easy) star-field background go well together

The Result

I am very pleased with the results, and plan to make this into a proper game – I see lots and lots of ways to add depth and variety. :)


Please play it & provide feedback! :)

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  1. Gyfis says:

    Where can I put my email for update notifications and $$$ for support?!? Possibly my favorite so far (Tomas)

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