Procedural Generated Enemy Waves

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December 21st, 2015 5:05 pm


The one thing I’m particularly proud of in my Ludum Dare entry is the logic for spawning enemy waves.
Making a simple SHMUP is rather straight forward, there are lots of tutorials on this subject. But building a flexible system for controlling how the enemies appear can be a bit trickier, and I haven’t done it before.

The fact is that, when I was trying to designing theĀ levels I realized there was only 50 minutes left until deadline (why do I always implement the levels in the last few hours?), butĀ from that point it took me only about 20 minutes to tweak my enemy spawner code to be fully procedural!

So the first 6 waves (up to the first boss) are static. But if you make it through the boss you will go into “endless mode”.


If people are interested in how I generated the waves I’ll write a short piece about it. Or feel free to check out the source code (specifically this piece of code).

And please, give my entry a go and see if you can get past the first boss and into Endless Mode. I would love to hear your feedback.


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  1. Bogden says:

    I’m like you and tend to leave level creation to last minute, but I’m starting to think that going the procedural route may not be the best for a game jam type format. As I’ve created and played more and more jam games, I’ve come to think that being able to fit an entire experience from start to finish may be the best bet when creating a jam entry. As far as I can tell, people really like “beating” a game and it always seems like short and sweet entries do better than things with endless components to them. Thoughts?

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