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December 21st, 2015 5:45 pm

So one thing I always try and do is come up with some original music for my Ludum Dare entries and I dare say some of them work better than others.

Original Music always brings out the best in even the worst games. Personally, I use Caustic for Android partly because I’m used to it now, and partly because if I do need to step away from development I can go somewhere completely different and still work on something to do with the game.

One of the earliest pieces of code I wrote in Ludum Dare was a Background Music script for Unity that played a track from the start then looped it from a fixed timecode when it reached the end. ie, a track might have a 4 second intro before getting into the main song, so at the end it’d loop back to the 4 second mark and continue.

It’s not perfect, and there is probably a much better way of doing things, but it does what I need it do to (and one of the cool features is it lets you control its volume through PlayerPrefs so you can even tie it into an options screen)

The music I’ve made, over the last 4 Ludum Dares, well I’ve compiled them all (for better or worse) on soundcloud.

The first LD game I made music for was as much an experiment in music as it was in making a game. I am Sigma (Theme: Entire game on one Screen) played more or less of the music the deeper into the game you went, eventually playing every layer on the very last screen.

For my MiniLD game Behind the Screens (whose theme was ‘Pong’) I made two tracks with similar rhythms but different instruments to produce two different tones. One quite laid back and subtle, the other 8-bit style chiptune.

The less said about the development of Caber Toss (An Unconventional Weapon) the better, but it involved suffering, sleep deprived, through a birthday party with no less than 14 under 8’s. The music for this one was made in an hour, shortly before submitting the game.

Kaiju A-go-go (You are the Monster), while not having an original name (I had no idea it had a namesake when I named my entry) had 4 short pieces of original music. The intro, the level loop, the boss theme and the outro music. Each of which is quite short, but I think work quite well.

My current entry, Eva Ness goes to Hell, while again mechanically frustrating (I did decide to make a 2-button platformer) contains 2 pieces of original music designed to be slightly unnerving, invoking a hellish landscape and with the boss theme, add in a little mix of church organs.


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