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December 19th, 2015 6:04 am


So after another entry to Ludum Dare (my 5th entry), I’m really starting to see just how much better I am at making games, when I compare this entry to my first one there is a huge increase in quality, detail and even the number of game mechanics in it. I’ve also now completed my goal of including an AI system within a game which can make ‘player like’ decisions based on the current situation and for the most part can do exactly what the player can do.



The good:

  • Tile based map – the map can have tiles updated in real time with no obvious decrease in performance
  • AI – the AI can compete against the player in a relatively realistic manner
  • There is a fair bit of replay-ability with the game as the map and spawn locations are randomly generated
  • Resources – the resource system works well and the idea of balancing your resources works well
  • Upgrades – although I haven’t made it very clear, you can upgrade buildings to make them produce more which means that you can balance the negative effect of having too many tiles, which is that they each cost 1 of a resource in upkeep
  • Kingdom borders – these took a while to get working but I’m very happy I added them as it makes it a lot easier to see where each kingdom is

The bad:

  • There is no music in the game
  • The tile graphics need a bit more work to make them look nice, its only the tiles I made near the end of the 48 hours that actually look nice
  • The resource display sometimes doesn’t update properly
  • I didn’t have time to implement a tutorial
  • The fog doesn’t loop very nice, it needs something similar to the kingdom border


So overall, I am very happy with this game, and am currently continuing the development of it to fix some of the issues as well as to add some new features. I am also working on a mobile version as I think this might work well to.

I have also added my game to Kongregate so you can play the latest version there as well along with the version.

Thank you very much for playing my game and I’m really enjoying playing other entries as well.

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  1. MSiddeek says:

    This is AWESOME!!!

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