Deceit (Post Mortem)

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December 19th, 2015 3:16 pm

In this post, I’ll be going over what went wrong and right in my LD 34 entry, Deceit. Play it here. ( Hey look, a extra link! )


“Deceit is the story of a where a madman loses his memory, and the voices in his head take him over. The voices tell him to do stuff he doesn’t agree with, but he complies out of fear. You play as the madman, where you must follow the voices is this horror shooter game.”

What went right :

  • One of the greatest things that went right, its people loved the Voice Acting in this game. I am a Dubstep producer, and I have 2.5 years or so of experience with audio. As every Ludum Dare, I try my hardest to do something, audio wise, that sets the game apart from the rest. I feel like the Voice Acting throughout was a VERY nice touch.

There was a lot put into the Vo-coding ,and it was very complex! I couldn’t even fit 1/5th of it all in a whole screen!


  • Another thing that went right, was the art and atmosphere was amazing! I am NOT a artist in the slightest! I am probably the worst artist here, but somehow I managed to make some pretty neat stuff.

I guess It was a lot easier to draw when u have everything so dark you can’t see anything.


  • Another thing that went right, was the gun mechanics turned out great! The guns accuracy varies, and the machines gun just felt so smooth. I love the guns.
  • I didn’t have any major glitches that broke the game, but I did have to take away a couple features I wanted due to just not getting then to work and running low on time.
  • I felt the overall feel of the game was complete. This is probably the most complete entry I’ve turned in for a LD.



  • THE BIGGEST THING THAT I DID WRONG! Was I made it where you have to click on crates to open them! For some reason, people are getting SERIOUSLY ticked about this. I did this because if I programmed it to open on collision, it would likely repeat the process in the millisecond it takes to remove the crates collisions. I didn’t want 5 pistols spawning, and you are able to kill all the monsters in 1 hit.

I did this to keep the game from breaking, but people seriously hate having to click stuff… Its weird…

  • The next biggest thing that went wrong, was I messed up on the movements. When you collide with a wall tile, It stops your x movement completely. Apparently, people do not know how to time a jump, and they cant make it over a tile… Idk, I think I got used to that, an didn’t even notice anything was weird, but some people cant put 2 and 2 together and figure out how to time a jump, it is really easy.
  • Another TERRIBLE thing that went wrong… even though I spent 15+ dollars on snack food… I ran out of them on the first night.

I had like 1 beef jerky stick that I had to proportion out to last 30 more hours XD.

  • Let’s see… Another thing that didn’t quite go my way, Is I never had a opportunity to create some sweet dubstep due to the reason, it just wouldn’t fit the theme of the game. I did have some REALLY SICK audio effects! But no Dubstep.

I had to replace where I normally put my dubstep, with dark ambience.

  • Possibly the most painful thing that I did wrong… Was I went for a more metaphorical interpretation of the theme, but people just didn’t see it well. I did this last LD, and it turned out great, but it didn’t cope well with me this LD.


Overall, I had a blast this LD! I learned so much about the structures of a song. Because of having to create ambience and background effect, I now realized how important the stuff in the background are to the overall song. I also learned, NO MORE METAPHORICAL INTERPRETATIONS! Next Ludum Dare, I am going to stick 100% to the theme, and focus more on the gameplay than the storyline. I’m super excited for the next Ludum Dare, and I can’t wait to apply what I learned in the next dare! This is probably the most fun I had participating in Ludum Dare, so I’m excited to keep it going! Goodluck with your games!

Check out my entry here!!!

Check out my sound cloud page!



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