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December 19th, 2015 7:21 am


I thought I’d do a little making-of for the art creation phase if you are interested.

For this adventure game I wanted to try a different process to create the backgrounds. I’m not extremely comfortable with pixel art, but I’m used to painting in a traditional way, so I decided to paint the backgrounds in high resolution. I’m using a custom painting tool that was originally designed for live-painting performances, it did the job well and fast.


Then came the problem of resizing, as you may know, resizing down an image can be difficult if you want to keep a pixel-art feeling. You may use “nearest filtering” resizing, but it usually totally destroy the image. Or you may use “bilinear filtering”, but it result in a blurry image. For some time I was experimenting with a new way of resizing-down an image, here are some tests :

Here is the HD of the second screen and the “pixel-art” filtered version :
sc02_HD sc02_LD

It gave an interesting old-school vibe to the game, without loosing the sharpness, even after applying the CRT shader.

You can play the game here

If enough people are interested I can make a similar making-of about the programming aspect of the game and explain why programming in C is still relevant today.

Thank you for playing and for the encouraging comments on the game page !
See you around.

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  1. Jwatt says:

    Having an old-school, let’s say Deluxe Paint -era, vibe isn’t just about having less pixels. You gotta think in limited colours. Sometimes the simplest color reduction algorithms can cause neat dithering as a side effect, I’d encourage you to try writing one yourself.

  2. anael says:

    I did some experiment with dithering, it is interesting sometimes, but I find it doesn’t work well with painting. There is probably some research to do in color segmentation algorithm.

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