Post-Mortem : Eda

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December 18th, 2015 9:16 pm

First of all, I fixed the bugs present in the game, it should normally run well now!

>> Eda: link to the entry (fixed) <<



What went well :

  • For a second try with the Unity engine after using a graphical programming tool (Construct2), I think it went pretty well and much better than my preceding entry for the LD62.
  • I’m happy with the music and sound effects created by Mathis! Thanks to him a lot.
  • I had to choose a very simple visual style because of the time I planned to spend on the programming (the amount of tutorial reading in the timelapse can attest of my experience in the matter), and it worked out pretty well in the end, with a visual style I’m pretty satisfied with.
  • I managed to set the scope of the game better, and to achieved a more polished game than with my preceding tries.
  • Overall, the working process and time management went pretty smoothly.
  • I did my first timelapse! Which is nice not only for the resulting video, but I realised that all these process screenshots were ideal to document my work and to analyse my workflow to make it better. I was also happy to have a vision of how the tree algorithm evolved with time, when working on it I was too busy with coding to screenshot every iteration!

What went wrong :

  • Due to my incompetence, I ended up with some bugs in the game which caused it to crash for some players, or to freeze. These are corrected now, but for next time, I’ll plan some time at the end of the jam to fix my mistakes! I lost some opportunities to get some feedback this way, and some interested poeple have been deceived, only because of me overlooking this issue when submitting the game.
  • I  spent way more time looking for tutorials/information instead of actually coding, but this is a normal effect of my lack of experience with Unity.


Evolution of the tree generation algorithm:

eda_treeAlgoEvolution4 eda_treeAlgoEvolution5 eda_treeAlgoEvolution7 eda_treeAlgoEvolution9 eda_treeAlgoEvolution11

For example, by looking at the screenshots here, made thanks to the timelapse, I can realise that the bigger trunks visible in one of the middle stages were quite interesting looking. For my next iteration of the program, I should allow to have a bigger size difference between branches and their children, to allow trees with this kind of style to grow.


The music created by Mathis for the game :

Process Timelapse :

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