Hey fellow gamedevs,

We are a team of five german students. We name ourselfs “Banana4Life” and have developed the game “Legendary Legionnaire Massacre 2 – The Empire Strikes Back” for the fourth ludum dare we took part in. It was really fun to develop a successor to our last ludum dare game.

You can rate and play our game here: Legendary Legionnaire Massacre 2 – The Empire Strikes Back


But now lets get to the post-mortem. This time we used Unity for the first time. Nobody from our team had use experience in neither Unity nor C#. Still I think we did pretty good and had apart from some problems regarding Unity in combination with git. The scenes saved in Unity tend to conflict very often even in character based meta data format. Just in the last half hour I (Jonas) had to reset the scene file an was under much stress to get the menus finished. Using C# was okay. We all have some to a lot of experience in Java and other programming languages and C# is not really exotic. Thus, the language worked pretty good for us, even though we do not like it a lot.

In the end we came to the conclusion that even though we do not love Unity in combination with C#, because both have their little problems, we will probably choose it the next time too. Just Unity can save such a hugh chunk of time that the rest is worth it in comparison with LibGDX on Java. Pathfinding, collisions, physics and UI are a pain if you quickly need them and have no knowledge of other libraries, so Unity is a big step up in that regard.

For the art I used the same tools as last time (GraphicsGale for pixel art and Photoshop for bigger work) and was really satisfied with them. They work great together, but I had to facepalm when I discovered that you could export .png files with alphachannel in GraphicsGale, because it would have saved me a lot of time. Now lets get to the good and bad before we conclude the article.

What went right?

  • We now have some kind of franchise 😀
  • The game was playable and apparently fun to play.
  • We all met up at one place and were really productive.
  • We developed a cool idea and could reuse some of our art and sound from last time.
  • The graphics were developed steadily parallel to the code and thus weren’t a product of the last minute.
  • We implemented the hardest parts first (for example pathfinding) and after that connected all lose ends to a cool game.
  • We had a lot of features that we wanted to implement, but cut the right features at the right time.
  • We slept a reasonable amount of time (and weren’t completely destroyed after the weekend) (I went to work the next day and was completely destroyed).

As you see the most important parts went right and I think we did a pretty good job developing the game this time. But we had some small problems anyway.

What went wrong?

  • We didn’t have the final idea from the beginning on and had a hard time with the theme/s. Especially the two button controls theme was as bad as the entire game on one screen theme. People please don’t vote these restrictive and uncreative themes.
  • There were a few graphical features I wanted to implement, like random props(snow, forests, …), that I did not have time for.
  • Not all of us could work on the game for the whole three days, because they had other stuff.
  • The rendering of the river could have been solved better.

Most of the “What went wrong?” stuff could be solved with more time and thus I think we did a great job.

What we want to do better?

  • Maybe even cooler idea

I hoped you liked our short writeup. Greetings,

Team Banana4Life

P.S.: Play and rate our game please.

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