Double Kick Heroes : Diet Post Mortem Version

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December 18th, 2015 9:04 am



What Went Wrong

Making a rock band game in 3 days IS hard.

Making a rock band game + a shooter  in 3 days IS harder.

Sometime you have to sacrifice gameplay finess to fun.

There are still big gameplay and cognitive issues.

What Went Right

The result is true to what we had in mind.

We had a lot of fun.

We learned a lot.

At last, we made a game with Black Metal.


It was an awesome Ludum for us, we had many issues with the whole complexity of the game, in technics or sound recording, the game was demanding on resource and people. We were really motivated to make something special and we hope it shows. We tried to pay hommage to things we loved. We tried to inject passion, references and subgenres.

We enjoyed making this game, it wat a lot of fun, heaps of disagreements and tons of pleasure designing that little torture machine.

Annnd we could not resume this 3 days in a short form…


For people who want to know more (too much more ?), we made a very extended version… Double Kick Heroes Post Mortem : Saturated Fat Version. Leave us your comments or questions in the gdoc if you want.

If you haven’t checked the game yet, you can play and rate Double Kick Heroes right here!

Thank you very much and see you soon!


Elmobo – Blackmagic – Gyhyom


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  1. MSiddeek says:

    “We had a lot of fun polishing and disagreements and moment of grace making this game”

  2. blackmagic says:

    Ok this sentence is awful 😀

  3. SuperDisk says:

    You guys look like a rock band yourself. Awesome.

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