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December 17th, 2015 7:59 am

I wanted to make a post about my entry right when I was done, but I was having a bad cold, so it all got delayed and I’m making one now.

For Ludum Dare #34, I remembered a game idea I had a couple of years ago where you would play as a potted plant, and the primary method of movement is latching on to things and swinging your way through the world. The combined themes of “growing” and “two button controls” just clicked into place, and I decided to dedicate this Ludum Dare to create a prototype of this idea.

Well, here it is. You play as a plant which is loosely inspired by the piranha plants you can find in the Super Mario series, but the sprite I made ended up looking more like Pac-Man 😉

The two button controls are “pressure sensitive”, meaning that pressing a button long or short yields a different result. Tapping makes the plant hop on the ground, which is a very slow and frustrating method of traversal, making sure the player always prefers the alternative when available: holding down on the button allows you to aim for one of these green “hooks” that are floating in the levels. When the plant bites one of those, you hang on to it and swing back and forth. Tapping at the right moment lets you jump, taking your momentum with you, bridging gaps. You can also jump from hook to hook, again by holding the button longer and aiming during the swing, but this makes it harder to line up your aim, while you’re swinging yourself. I’m quite happy myself, with how the mechanics came together.


In the game, your objective is to reach the window on the right end of the levels, as our friend the plant prefers the sunlight over the depressing grey walls that are surrounding it. Yes, I know, this is very deep!

The game became a bit short (it has only 4 levels and the title screen) and there is no audio, which I will attribute to a super annoying cold that had to strike me precisely on this weekend (not sure if I mentioned it before?), so I can feel better about myself. Looking back though, I am happy that I didn’t just spend the weekend under a blanket, but made my idea into a playable prototype instead.

The comments I received so far were quite positive, and the more critical comments were really helpful. So I am considering to further develop this game after Ludum Dare, and perhaps release it on PCs and mobile, with more refined mechanics, of course more levels and overall more polish. I hope I can give myself the push to actually do that :)

I appreciate every constructive comment, and thank everyone who already left one!


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