hack.source.net Timelapse!

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December 17th, 2015 7:42 pm

Yup, got another timelapse up! This time, instead of using Chronolapse or FFMPEG to generate the video, I ended up using Blender instead. Let us know if it’s an improvement compared to the other videos in the playlist below.

Here’s our development process for hack.source.net, where I end up going circles debugging a ton of networking problems. Then a blur at the end where I drastically improve the graphics in the game. Ah, classic game jam panics.

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4 Responses to “hack.source.net Timelapse!”

  1. Evergreen Games says:

    How did u use blender for timelapsing? Btw really cool game.

    • Omiya Games says:

      Blender has a Video Sequence Editor (VSE): https://blender.org/manual/editors/sequencer/introduction.html

      Long story short, you can change the workspace configuration to one of the preset called Video Editing. The second-bottom-most menu has an Add Strip menu that lets you import images. Just open the folder with all of your screenshots, press “A” to select all of them, and hit import.

      Obviously there are more steps to this. For example, I needed to use the Speed effect strip to slow down the image strip. Additionally, I changed the configurations at the right pane to export to a resolution and encoding friendly for Youtube. And that’s before I add music to the video and align everything to match its length. But it does give me a drastic amount of control and (at least, what I believe) better quality video. Although now that I’m using an external hard drive to export these videos, I should really consider exporting to lossless formats.

    • Omiya Games says:

      Also, these were the videos I used as reference to get started on this process:

      How to make your speed-painting video (obviously, the same process applies for game development)
      Part 1: https://youtu.be/RORlLoyyZRo
      Part 2: https://youtu.be/sOZBsTheulI

  2. Evergreen Games says:

    Cool thx!

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