Flowering Souls : Post-mortem

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December 17th, 2015 11:28 am

Hey there!

My name is Mathieu Clavel, and today I’m the speaker of my group Lullaby.
So it’s been a few days since the end of the Ludum Dare 34, and it’s Post-mortem time!
For this Jam session, we were a team of three : 2 Game Designers (Louis and I) – one programing and one making the art stuff – and 1 Music Composer. First of all we would like to thank you all for the games you’ve made. Each LD is a great adventure, and there are so many awesome entries! Each time we’re proud to be part of it, alone or in group like this time.


But let’s talk about Flowering Souls development. First of all, what is Flowering Souls ? Well, it’s our game, and you can try it right here :

[I really wanna try this game and leave a constructive comment!]

It was the first time Louis and I were working together, and we discovered there was a good synergy between us : the final game was designed on paper in less than one day. We decided to use both of the themes this time, and after a few ideas going to trash, we had our final concept.


Then, we launched the “production” part. The graphic part went surprisingly good. The last time I made graphics for a game was far from now, but at the end of the first day, all the characters assets were designed and ready for animation.
On his side, Louis was completing our List of Features, and we were experimenting and messing around with these mechanics in the same time that he implemented them.
At the end of our first day, we were confident : everything would be on schedule.
The second day was more about experimentation, modifications and polishing the “engine”. Louis also prepared a Level Design tool that would help me to design wave of ennemies, while I was creating animations and FXs.
The last part of the Jam was far more stressfull. We were looking at the timer, and were only starting to make Level Design and still improving ennemies behavior. It became more and more painful since we discovered the first couple of bugs (that we would take 45mn to solve), opening the gates of the “what the hell is happening ?!”. The tutorial was a big part of the time we spent on fixing bug, because we really wanted to get something clean and understandable.

Finally, we managed to deliver the game on time, and now we’re really proud of it!
We learned great stuff, produced something in 72 hours, lived a unique experience, and now it’s time to play :)

Happy hollidays to all of you, and see ya for the next Ludum Dare!

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