Edo Arena – Post Mortem

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December 17th, 2015 10:22 am

So I think now that my schedule has calmed down a bit I’ll be writing my post mortem for Edo Arena. If you haven’t seen it yet watch my development time lapse!

How it went

The process went surprisingly smoother than I expected for my first compo attempt. After spending much time messing around with potential ideas with two button controls, I settled on a fighting style game, with two button ideas like One Finger Death Punch. I wanted to make sure the models looked well enough so I went for a extra minimalist art style. After a few hours I had gameplay and pretty sword trails. :)



From then on I continued by adding enemies. This took me a great deal of time to get the animations and feel to go well with the gameplay. The player soon flew around the screen the way I wanted. I added the upgrades shop for the rest of the second day, then added more enemies and power ups, made sounds, and polished the rest of the time.




What went well

I am very happy with the crisp look of the stage– it may be strangely UV mapped but it looks very nice in Unity. The animations were well received and I obviously took good care of the particle systems. The enemy spawning and “AI” wasn’t anything special but it did the job. The weapon variety was good too and the upgrade shop was worth the extra work. I will hopefully be able to add to this game and make a Post-Compo version.

What went wrong

The overpricing in the upgrades created many problems, I’ll be them fixing for Post-Compo. The music isn’t too great, but I’m not upset about that considering it’s the second song I’ve made using LMMS. The animations were good but they could be much more accurate and varied for each weapon. The enemies were sometimes coming at the player from directly above, which is not ideal. Finally, things that I did not have time to add in included: additional weapons and buildings, final boss, and a credits menu.


That wraps up my Post Mortem, it’s been an awesome Ludum Dare 34 and I love playing your games! I expect to make a Post-Compo version to be released around the end of judging. Remember to play Edo Arena and follow me on Twitter.  Thanks for reading!

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