Climbers to Android

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December 17th, 2015 4:21 pm


Today we think about the task of porting the game to mobile platforms. At first it seemed that only need to add two buttons and all, but when we started was a lot of problems.

First problem was UI positions and anchors. Because we have developed a game for the constant resolution 900×600, but resolution of smartfons is much higher, in result we have this :


Another problem was drawcalls ,for web platform we dont thought about this ,but for thelfons it’s wery big problem , after packing sprites in atlases we reached 8 drawcalls ,and its preaty well result:Screenshot_25

The biggest problem was not lost WEBGL mechanics and make mechanics to the mobile platform. Preprocessors helped to reach this effect : Screenshot_21

Despite all these problems we have decided them all. This took us about 5 – 6 hours and one pizza)

After some time spendet on unsuccessful attempts to compile, we finally builded the game :


And now you can play Climbers on your Android device :



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