Valk Unit Lawyer – Post Mortem

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December 16th, 2015 3:14 pm

post moterm : valk unit lawyer!


So this is our first game jam! We just decided to join probably like 6 hours before it was announced. We didn’t really fully grasp what it really meant to be making a game within 72 hours, so haha ha ha…

code/design : @oz2mura

100% art : @pumpkinnette

Theme Announcement : We were shocked by having two themes, we just had no idea if we should even participate cause didn’t even know what to do. So, we decided to distract ourselves for a couple hours, brainstorming as much as possible, shower thoughts. Had many vague ideas kept coming to mind, we swatted them away cause they didn’t sound fun to make. We forgot why, but the idea of Valk Unit (a project we’re currently working on prior to the game jam) was the setting, and it had to involve our Lawyer character design.

Brainstorming session : Lots and lots of thumbnails. This was the best way for the coder/artist to communicate, we didn’t have time to get verbal and try to comprehend what was in our brains, we just wanted to produce as fast as possible. So we had a lot of thumbnails quickly drawn and shared, which created a cycle of inspiration and more thumbnails.

Production : Delegating tasks wasn’t too difficult, one of us did the code and the other did the art, fairly straightforward. We had a screen resolution in mind, the artist could generally create mock ups based on the thumbnails, then polish them as it went along.

Oz : As a coder, I’ll be honest. While I comprehend the concepts of code/programming, I’m really good at “faking” it. Even though for every mechanic implemented, I knew exactly what I should be doing. However, I literally just brute forced a work around when I realized that I had no idea what I was doing anymore. All that really mattered that it did what it was supposed to do, right?

Last Day : Everything has been going pretty smoothly, art assets  redone, completed, implemented. All the core mechanics work, ready to just add all the dialogue and play test it. We cut back a lot of additional features that we knew took longer than it was worth. Overall feeling good about the progress had about 12 hours to go. Sleep deprived as we were, decided to get some sleep, woke up 6 hours to go.

6 Hours left : Feeling rested, any initial problems we had look obviously simple to solve. But something went wrong, kept our calm and cool, resolved it within 4 hours. However we didn’t have any of the dialogue for the suspects done. There’s 71 suspects and 5 lines each needed.

2 Hours left : With amazing teamwork, we streamlined this process to be as fast as possible. 355 lines done. With no clue if anything worked at all, plugged it all in. With barely any time to spare, didn’t even know if it stilled worked, created a executable, then rushed it on itch, rushed the submission then finally breathed.

ss2 (1)

After Submission : We had friends play test, we play tested it which didn’t help that we knew the answers, and really wished we had time to play test it at all, because all the obvious oversights became so obvious after a full play testing.

Things we did right :
– Taking a long time with the brainstorming, so glad we did that.
– Thumbnails everywhere, this was a great way to bridge communication
– Knowing when to drop the “ambitious” features
– Had a ton of fun.

Things that could’ve been better :
– Less “workaround” code and letting numbers become magical girls.
– Consistent communication, started strong then didn’t.
– Taking care of selves, feels like we lost more hours just being sleep deprived.
– NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY TEST = biggest problem.

After thoughts : Would do this all over again, and I’d recommend everyone who hasn’t  game jam, to game jam. Can’t wait to start working on a post-jam version of the game with everything done as planned. But first focusing on rating and playing as many games as possible!

plug : OUR ENTRY 😀

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