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December 16th, 2015 6:51 pm

I have a thing for difficult games. I fell in love with Spelunky and play a shitload of Dota, even tho I can hate those games so much sometimes, it’s games like that which I keep coming back to. Anyone feel the same way? I think it could be an important element to implement in games. Not everyone likes it tho.

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My submissions have a tendancy to get comments like “game is too difficult”… Even though I like difficult games, it’s usually very good and correct feedback, as I’ve been building the game and testing it for several days means I’ve become pretty good at it and I balance it after my own skill, which I think is a common mistake for game developers (not to mention learning to understand the game and lack of tutorials). So this is also important for us developers to remember when designing our games!

There is a balancing issue that some have complained about in the game where a bat will come when your the egg, and it’s basically impossible to get by. My wife who also wants to beat the score nags me to fix it. First off I can’t change it because of the LD submission, second it would invalidate all previous highscores, and tbh I kind of like it, usually there is a theoretical chance you can avoid it if you are good enough, and even if you can’t, it’s like that some times in life, sometimes you get a good run, sometimes a hard one, as long as it’s only near-impossible, it’s ok and part of the fun. Just like Spelunky. Besides, you were never meant to get 10.000 as an egg anyhow. A lesson to be learned as well! Hope you guys understand!

Any thoughts on this?

TLDR Lesson 1
Make challenging games,
but don’t balance them after yourself,
and make sure it’s easy to learn!

TLDR Lesson 2
As long as it’s only near-impossible,
asymmetry between different runs can be a good thing!

Our Jam game this time around is as usual a bit too hard according to some, but I do think I got a much better difficulty level than my previous submissions. If your up for the challenge, try it! I still need a contender for my highscore!

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