Lack of a better explanation about mechanics

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December 16th, 2015 12:19 am

Hi fellows,
This is my first ludum dare, and basically first finished game.
Cause of that, maybe I’m a bit crude about game interaction with users.
I see a lot of people complaining about the mechanics of my game.

Seeing people playing, It’s pretty clear that the mechanics is not clear enough.
My bad, I know.

And I know that I should live with that, and do a better explanation in my next game. Anyway.

But what could I do to help people to understand my mechanics ?
I even have some things which people never tried.
In the explanation I tried to give some clues about it. But from what I can see, nobody is even trying.
Can I update the game, just with some images explaining the mechanic ?
Or should I upload another image into my game profile with it?
Not everybody check all the images.
I really don’t know what do.

I know, this is not a competition or anything like that. But I really would like to have people playing my game, and really enjoying it. And not complaining about the behaviors and such.

Please, Ludum Dare elders, give me some feedback about how to improve my game… =P

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  1. miwuc says:

    I didn’t play your game (I don’t have windows) but I agree not everybody reads the game description, and even fewer look at the images. If it’s as bad as you’re saying, I think it’s OK to slightly change the explanation text in the game. Especially if it frustrates you so much (we want you to enjoy Ludum Dare!) Just my opinion.

  2. cynicalmonkey says:

    I am no elder as its only my 2nd LD but I know what you mean 100%. My first time most of the comments were that my game needed a tutorial despite that fact there was a written description of how to play in game. Trouble was it only made sense if you knew how to play. Writing tutorial bits can be difficult as you already know all about your game and your brain connects the dots that players won’t. The best advice I can give is have someone who doesn’t know your game read your tutorial and explain your mechanics back to you, anything they don’t get right is something that needs a better explanation.

  3. GagaPete says:

    Reading the games comments I think most people got the game. It’s quite common that some people don’t spend much time with other games so no need to worry about those. :)
    For the postcompo version always try to make the tutorial / control explanation a part of the game. Portal was an awesome example of that. Imagine a cutscene where only two bunnies are visible and someone (the carrot seller) tells you how to use them.

    If you still worry, create a postcompo version and explain why and what you’ve changed in the description. Then people can decide what version they want to rate.

  4. seththefirst says:

    I think that I will do the post compo version.

    I was not aware that I could create one post compo.
    I mean, I saw the rules and everything, and i thought that I could only create another version if was because of bugs.

    Thank you guys, a lot… =)

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