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December 16th, 2015 8:10 pm

So I’ve started writing on our post mortem for our entry this time, and I’ve run in to ¬†bit of a snag;

Our game is quite static and don’t contain a lot of action, which makes screen caps look at bit stale. So I thought I’d solve this by using gameplay gifs, but they still lack a bit of action.

So I’ve come up with two possible solutions for this;
Either I use unadulterated gameplay footage to make a gif, which would be a good representation of the game, but because of the static and word-heavy content of the game it might come of as stale.
Or I use slideshow footage, where I take screenshots of moments that I feel represent the game the best, and have them fade into each other in the gif. This will make the gif more interesting to look at, but might not represent the game as good.

My question is simply, which solution do you guys prefer?

(Here are  examples of the different kind of gifs:)


Gameplay gif


Slideshow gif

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