Emergency Cleanup Post-Mortem

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December 16th, 2015 10:02 pm

I had a fun time this Jam making my game, Emergency Cleanup. It is a game about cleaning up toxic waste from a cave, all the while avoiding laser beams. It uses the “Two Button Controls” theme.

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What went well:
The core game mechanic: I am very happy about how the main game mechanic turned out. Using the <A> and <D> keys on the keyboard, the player controls an emergency drone which must go into a cave and clean up toxic waste. I think that the drone was pretty fun to control, and that destroying the laser beam receivers with a water gun is pretty fun.
Particles: I really liked the way that the particles added to the game’s atmosphere. I think that they were definitely worth the time that I spent on them.
Graphics: The graphics are nice for the most part. I think that the atmosphere definitely would have benefited from the addition of a more diverse tile set to break up the long stretches of background tiles though.
Sound Effects: I liked the sound effects for the game. There are a few sound effects that could have been nicer, but overall, I think that they enhance the game’s atmosphere.

Things that could have been better:
Sound Effect Volume: Some of the sounds I made were loud, and were not headphone friendly D: . Next time I need to make sure to make my audio levels are much softer, as to not be too loud.
Level Design: I created a long passage from my game’s spawn to the first obstacle with the intention to have the player practice controlling the drone, however, I didn’t take into account that after a few deaths, spending about 20 seconds getting to the first obstacle is very tedious. Next time I should spend more time thinking about how the level will affect gameplay.
Checkpoints: I made a game that takes about 10 minutes to complete, is hard to beat and has no checkpoints. Therefore, I probably discouraged a lot of people from beating the game because of the lack of checkpoints, combined with the tedious level design to begin with. Next time I will be more attentive to making my game much less tedious.

What I learned:
– I learned that the way I was reading in audio crashes on some Linux versions (I don’t use Linux, so I never would have known). I did some research on StackOverflow, and apparently there is a better way that I should have read in sound files which wouldn’t have crashed on Linux. I am glad that I learned about the issue so that I can avoid it in the future.

Thank you very much to everyone who played my game and provided helpful feedback and to the Ludum Dare community for being awesome!


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