Any games inspired by Super Hexagon?

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December 16th, 2015 6:02 am

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So I’ve played about 60 games so far… but I’ve yet to find even one game inspired by or like or even just a straight up unashamed clone of Super Hexagon (one of my all-time favourite games – it’s where the ‘hexa’ in my name ‘hexagore’ comes from. The ‘gore’ comes from the fact that my family name is ‘Gore’ :P)

Have you made such a game? Have you found such a game?!  Seriously, this theme? Two Button Controls? There should be HUNDREDS of games like this! Agh!

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17 Responses to “Any games inspired by Super Hexagon?”

  1. Drury says:

    My game runs on the same “dodge stuff coming at you superfast or die” principle and is also pretty hard.

    However, it’s not Super Hexagon or anything like it past that point. Try and see if it scratches the itch.

  2. Modoc73 says:

    I have a spilt similar game, even on android. I thought of super hexagon when I was coming up with ideas, but wanted to be different. Let us know what you think. :)

  3. refreshgames says:

    I might try and make a gameboy port at some point perhaps 😀

  4. NickZangus says:

    I’ve used hexagons in my game “Growees”… but the similarities stop there!

  5. Terrabalt says:

    Somebody else asked the same thing, but with Temple run instead.
    Guess we are really deviating from the norm.

  6. Tselmek says:

    The gameplay of our entry isn’t as similar but it was greatly inspired by Super Hexagon.

  7. DieBackStudios says:

    There you go m8 😀 it seems you like hard games :) you are gonna surely enjoy this one
    -Inspired by super hexagon with a bit twist

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