3 favourites after rating 50 games

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December 16th, 2015 2:08 pm

Holy moly, there’s a lot of great entries this Ludum Dare! I mean, there always is, but there must be something in the water because a lot of the games I’ve played so far are wonderful.

I’ve now rated 50 games, and wanted to share three that really stand out to me:

DESEEDER by Zanzlanz (Compo)


This one grabbed my attention from the moment I saw Zanzlanz’ first post about it. The concept is simple, but everything about it has a huge amount of polish – the sound, graphics, and controls all feel great, with just the right amount of difficulty progression. We see a lot of good pixel art in Ludum Dare, but this game stands out by literally turning the idea on its side.

Acrodog by dvdfu (Compo)


OK, this game is just plain adorable. Who wouldn’t want to help Lil Houndini be a star? This also fits in to the “simple concept well executed” category: a play-through might take less than a minute, but it’s challenging and charming enough to keep me coming back for more. If there was a category for best new genre, “dog-juggling game” would be in the running for sure.

St. Orchint’s Orphanage by Double Zero One Zero (Jam)


Every Ludum Dare, I look forward with great anticipation to what the folks at Double Zero One Zero are going to put together. In my opinion, they’re consistently in the front of the pack when it comes to setting a mood and putting a gritty twist on the theme, and this game is no exception. I love the contrast between the harsh reality of the decisions that the game asks you to make, and the way that it presents them as just numbers on a ledger – in that sense, it’s very much in a similar tradition to the Westport Independent (from the same developers) and everyone’s favourite bureaucracy-’em-up, Paper’s Please.


There’s lots of other great games that I’ve played, of course, but these three are just examples of ones that I’ve really enjoyed and keep thinking about and coming back to. There’s a ton more games to play, so I’ll probably be back with another post like this in a few days.

And, in the meantime, if you’re looking for something else to check out, why not give my game Xtreme Crop Duster Simulator ’82 a try?

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