Giving AutoTracker Some Personal Flair

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December 15th, 2015 10:53 am

A few people have commented that they enjoyed the unique-sounding music for my compo submission, and want to dispel any impressions that I composed the piece. It’s just another Autotracker tune! How could I not pass up on using such a great Python script?

(that’s a good reason to give me less stars for audio, haha)

It sounds a bit different from freshly-generated Autotracker songs because the melody instrument was modified with some tracking software, then converted to MP3 with VLC.

Shism Tracker

Using Schism Tracker, I modified the main “guitar” and “bass” melody samples with a flat triangle noise. This can be generated with SFXR, PxTone, anything, really. This kept the tune and melody, but gave it a softer, more bouncy sound. I also changed the tempo a little. After that, I converted the modified tracker file to MP3 for my game.

Sometimes Autotracker songs can sound a bit same-y, but the content it generates is yours, and you can modify it or even apply postprocessing effects to give it more character. I hope by sharing this, users feel like they can personalize their songs more.

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