SWARMRIDER : We’re out.

December 14th, 2015 10:42 am

Hi everyone,

Sadly, we won’t submit our game this time. We don’t really know why but we lost our motivation yesterday.

That’s very weird because our prototype and graphics weren’t that bad but we didn’t really enjoy working on it.┬áThose things happen I guess.

But anyway, congratulations to everyone who already sumitted their games and good luck to the “Jam” participants for the rush hour!

I can’t wait to try your games ! There are so many good ideas in there !

See you on LD35 ! And keep being awesome !

Ludum Dare Forever <3

10 Responses to “SWARMRIDER : We’re out.”

  1. monsterkillu says:

    Lovely and Awesome. Looks freakishly cool. Too bad things turn out that way. It sure does sometimes. Thanks for sharing your story. :)

  2. Madball says:

    You all lost your motivation all of sudden? One of my favourite authors from previous LDs, and such a simple problem. Well, better luck next time.

  3. feiss says:

    Wtf! This screen is gorgeous! That’s a shame, I’m sorry and see you in next ld. Post more pictures if you have!

  4. Miltage says:

    Such a shame, that gif looks amazing.

  5. Sad times – but the artwork looks top notch! If that’s any consolation!

  6. AxeTheory says:

    Well now you have to say what the game was going to be…

  7. Andarilhoz says:

    wtf, JUST DO IT, it looks AWESOMAZING!

  8. VitasaMode says:

    I understand. I shall still follow though your stuff is too awesome. Looking forward to anything you guys come up with in the future :)

  9. SteveSalmond says:

    Aww, bummer dudes! Mobs Inc. is one of my all-time LD favourite games, if you need any cheering up :)

  10. Kazura says:

    What an heartbreaking news dude, this game could be over the AWESOMENESS !
    Those Starship Troopers and Akira references both in a pixel-art funny game give me chills…
    But I know for sure you’ll be stronger than ever and you’ll kill the game on the next LD !
    You have 4 months for that and I’m sure you’ll do it ! Good luck to you !

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