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December 14th, 2015 8:31 am

For the first time in all my history with LD I reached a state with my game that i am satisfied with, and that even 1.5h before the deadline :)

The game has an intro, a ‘restart level’ function, a level progression, P2 Physics, … all these things might be ordinary for you, but for an LD game made by me…. all FIRSTS :)

So, even though there are a lot of things i wanted to do that there was simply no time for (dangerous areas you should not touch, more / better GFX, music, more/better sounds, waaaay more level, more control options, … you name it) it is still a game that deserves the name, so here you go, i present you:


You have to control two button that are TIED together via a … tractorbeam or whatever.

Each button can only actively move along one axis (cursor: vertical , horizontal) but bounces of the wall and obstacles. You can activate the TIE via mousclick, but while it is activated you can’t control the button anymore.

The goal is to get both button into the target area.

See it for yourself here: play “omg ITS A TIE” !


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