[LD34] The lesson

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December 14th, 2015 3:32 pm


For the first time I tried doing game mecanics and stuff, before working on any graphics. Seems to be the correct way of doing these, but I wasn’t ready for it yet I guess. I completed and submitted 2 LD in the past, was fun. Failed one, and now another. I wanted to post in compo, didn’t manage to do that. And now in Jam, I will not be able to submit anything either. I worked hard, and that’s a good thing on these kind of Jam, the learning curve is great too. Problem is, I don’t want to do easy stuff. I appreciate minimalist graphics as much as the other guy, but I always try to do something I’m not really capable of (I guess). So there you have it, the final prototype. Animations works, lasers with left and right clic, movement with Q and D too, Jump with space. No sounds, no levels, no art… not much then.

See you next time, maybe. Failure don’t have a great effect on me though.

VoilĂ  !

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  1. djfariel says:

    In my opinion, the goal of Ludum Dare is not to finish a game, it’s to learn something. As long as you did that, you succeeded in my eyes. :)

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