Day 2: S.I.L.

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December 14th, 2015 5:52 am

So, on the morning of Day 3, I’m just going to make a quick summary of Day 2 to get me back into the right mindset for more development!

After completing the dialogue script and the majority of the design work on Day 1, I spent most of Day 2 working on sprites and user interface, as well as some extra design that needed ironing out. My partner spent the day programming gameplay and implementing the UI that I had built.

Everything is starting to come together and the game is taking shape into, well… a game! I’m really hoping that we can get everything finished and polished for the deadline as the game is starting to show promise and–dare I say it–even a potential fun factor.

Master UI 3

Our working example of the UI without the network in the background. The network is now visible in the green-space, behind the Local Console, in the live version.

Due to the nature of the game (hacking sim meets strategy game meets tower defence) I decided to go with a very “quasi-traditional” interface that both harks back to good ol’ command line interfaces whilst still retaining some functionality of a more modern WIMP interface.

Today I will be working on the last of the sprites (some visual representations of programs that you can run across the network), sound (we’ve decided to go with a more ambient soundtrack rather than a musical score), story implementation and design polish whilst my partner finishes properly implementing the UI, squashes a bug which makes network nodes spawn on top of each other and implements the AI.

Wish us luck!


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