Behind the scenes!

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December 14th, 2015 1:59 am

I ended up naming my game DESEEDER! Because you’re destroying seeds.
For this game I tried out diagonal pixels! Sounds weird, but here’s what it looks like:

DESEEDER Diagonal Pixels

You might be interested to see what it looks like when you DON’T rotate the game 45 degrees! Let’s find out:

DESEEDER Not Rotated

The programming logic was a bit confusing, until I started imagining the entire game in the unrotated version (second gif). I ended up only having to convert the coordinates in the renderer, to make my collision still based on rectangles!

If you have any questions about how I did any part of the game, let me know! Here’s the link again: DESEEDER

I’m excited to check out everyone’s games! I’ll definitely prioritize yours if you let me know about it! There’s no shame in self-promotion right now <3

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  1. Jwatt says:

    Thinking in an easy-to-understand coordinate system is indeed the way to go! The rotation is just visualization, as far as the game is concerned.

    • Zanzlanz says:

      It definitely ended up getting easier as it went! On the rendering side of things, I love how the vertical alignment of drawing objects is always centered because of the x/y symmetry. That being said, I ended up having to loop through the pixels of the walls in order to give it the gradient look, as masks and images wouldn’t give the same effect.

      The only thing I started to struggle with was when the X and Y were non-integer values, the object would jitter around diagonally.

      Your game looks really cool – I very much look forward to checking it out!

  2. chr15m says:

    Your game looks amazing, but I can’t play flash, d’oh!

    Nice job anyway.

    Here’s mine:

  3. d_0o_d says:

    This is a cool idea, I will have to remember this for the future :)

  4. Gyfis says:

    Cool game! I really like the rotation – a not-much-seen and very welcome change to the pixel-art pool of games. Though it is a bit too hard for me – needed to try that tutorial a too much times, imho.

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