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December 13th, 2015 6:05 pm

Today I started with creating all tower types in the game. We decided there will be some upgrades to some towers.

There are;
– blockades that only to block enemies,
– connections that provides a connection to the main power source,
– turrets that simply attack enemies,
– mining facilities that give you extra resources by time,
– light tower that opens up a larger area on the map.

Here you can also see main source that you start with and exit that you are trying to reach.


My friend coded the visibility and AI spawning & pathfinding. (And many other small things)
We put things together, here is an early screen from the game.

I also modeled and mapped the enemy. He is waiting to be animated. He is a victim of my speed modeling but I like him.

In the game you play as an advanced spaceship AI after a massacre of humans by this unknown alien race. As AI your aim is to protect the ship till it reaches its destination by ‘growing’ your defenses to connect the main power source with control sphere. We also plan to keep controls within ‘two buttons’, LMB and RMB.

Does anyone have an idea what we should name this alien race?

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