Mid LD Beta

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December 13th, 2015 3:45 am

Controls: a/d or left/right



4 Responses to “Mid LD Beta”

  1. Strike says:

    Thanks for posting your demo. I really like the clear art style. It seems like it’s the slowest rocket, but I also understand that a faster speed means more space between the crates. The level will surely look too empty and reaction time would be too short.

    Good job !

  2. AnaGF says:

    It’s very polished. And

    • AnaGF says:

      This happens to me for pressing the wrong buttons on the keyboard.
      A I was sayng, i think this game is really polished. It’s funny too, the difficulty curve is nice here. Thanks for the beta :)

  3. vortex says:

    you should rotate the rocket…
    another idea would be not to limit your level to a corridor, but a cargo hall or something…
    and please make the rocket faster… It would be way more statisfying

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