My entry for LD 34 is itch, a simple launcher for games hosted on — read the intro post to learn more!

My goal for today is to have a public release ready to make sure it works for everyone once the compo/jam ends.

One feature that’s going to be very necessary for people who want to rate games by the dozens is the download queue — previously the client just downloaded everything you told it to, getting quite slow when you were downloading 20 games at once.

Now it’ll only download a few at a time, here it is in action with a limit of 2:

Another important thing is for the app to be able to open `itchio://` URLs, so that, maybe… there could be buttons on web pages that let you install any game directly in the app with a single click? Anyway, here’s how it looks (old gif):

Getting a custom protocol like `itchio://` to work requires entirely different methods on Windows, Mac and Linux, so it took me part of the day to get it working :)

Everything’s going according to plan, yet as the deadline looms closer I’m sure it will all degenerate into mayhem! Follow me on twitter at @fasterthanlime to watch me slowly drift away from sanity, or hop into the forum thread and post cat pictures to cheer me on!

P.S: In the download queue gif, the bottom-left ‘Broken’ is because the game uses .dmg, which I’ll add support for soon

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