Dare to Play (Streamers, YouTubers, over here!)

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December 13th, 2015 8:10 pm

Here’s a thread for the Live Streamers, YouTubers, and any non-participant looking for games to play.

For everyone else, voting will open soon, so stay tuned for that. :)


Post a link to your Channel, Show, or Publication in the comments below, along with a link to where people can suggest games to you (off-site or in a separate thread please).

If you have a schedule planned, please share it, so people can know when to tune in.

PLEASE DON’T SPAM THEM! Self promotion is encouraged, but these folks are going to get a lot of submissions. Be respectable.


ProTip: Streaming Ludum Dare is not only for MAKING Ludum Dare games, but also for PLAYING Ludum Dare games! Give it a try! Many people would LOVE to watch their game get played.

NOTE: If your comment is awaiting moderation, feel free to poke Mike on Twitter.

NOTE: This thread is NOT for development streams.

80 Responses to “Dare to Play (Streamers, YouTubers, over here!)”

  1. Jupiter_Hadley says:

    I will be recording a ton of games entered in the LD in my video compilation series over on my YouTube.
    I will them be picking some of my favorites to write about later after I finish all of the entries on my form.
    My goal is around 400 games.

    Please enter your game HERE (http://goo.gl/forms/qrKQOl41w7) If you want me to play it!

    My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JupCraftGaming

    Can’t wait to play all of these awesome games!

  2. Hello Ludum Dare!

    We are the Button Masher Bros! If you haven’t heard of us before… let us introduce ourselves!

    We are Chris, Josh and Zach. Chris is a computer programmer who has previously competed in several Ludum Dare competitions. Josh is a video editor and animator who has done artwork and voice work for previous Ludum Dare entries. Zach is also a video editor and animator, but also specializes in music production!

    For the past several Ludum Dare’s we’ve covered the event with our LUDUM DARE TO BELIEVE series where we showcase the BEST OF THE BEST that Ludum Dare has to offer!

    Obviously, with so many entires there is NO WAY we can play them all… so we need your help!
    Here is a handy-dandy submission form (https://goo.gl/AD0rdv)

    Send us you favorite games you’ve seen in this competition! (AND YES SELF-PROMOTION IS FINE!).

    Thanks in advance for all your help and HAPPY LUDUM DARE!

    Ludum Dare to Believe is set to premiere on Dec 17th!

    Not familiar with our show? Here is a link to our Season 5 playlist! (NSFW-ish)

  3. Guard13007 says:

    Hey! I’m a participant, but I also do run a YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/guard13007 so I would love to play games people tell me to!

    If you’d like me to play your game, send an email to GuardAlmostGames@gmail.com with a link to the submission on here and the subject line “Ludum Dare 34”

    Thank you! (and maybe check out my game while you’re at it?)

  4. flatline says:

    I might make a series of youtube videos.
    If you want your game to be played, drop me an email:
    ld34yt AT moritzbellach DOT de
    here is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/flatline235

  5. alfie275 says:

    Hey peeps, I’m Alfie275 and I used to do some gaming videos, was thinking of recording some LD game reviews.
    Just send me a link to your game and I’ll try and record it as soon as I can.

    My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/MrAlfie275
    My Twitter: @alfie275
    My Email: alfie275@gmail.com

    You can also generally catch me in IRC, though be sure to /msg me incase I miss it in the channel.

  6. Howdy Folks. I’ll be back for another round recording games for Larry Does Ludum on Youtube. Playing different games (1-3 per video) and talking about how they tackled the Jam Theme, Showcasing their gameplay, and thinking about the different possible things the creators could do with it in the future.

    You can submit your games via this handy dandy form I made (Since it seems all the young people have em these days)

    You can see my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/LarryChupacabra
    Message me on Twitter: @LarryChupacabra
    Email: larry.chupacabra@gmail.com

    Not entirely sold? Check out the playlist from LD33’s game videos here: https://goo.gl/wg3Uze

  7. thegypsyknight says:

    I will be streaming LD34 games, rating them and giving feedback to them, with the community.
    Developers are more than welcome to join the chat and link to your games. You are also welcome to play my entry and give me feedback :)

    I stream in the evenings, europe time (+1) and will be playing LD games the next few streams.

    I normally stream my own game development, as I did this weekend but now it’s LD PLAY TIME!
    I tweet when I go live at https://twitter.com/TheGypsyKnight

  8. killswitch423 says:

    Hi there! Let me just start off by introducing myself.

    I am killswitch423, and I have a measly little channel on YouTube where I like to play games. Yes, my channel is small… microscopic, even, but I would still love to play as many LD games as I can – not only to support LD in my own small way, but to have a great deal of fun and maybe even meet a few new viewers.

    If you would like to give my small channel a shot, or have me feature your game, you can find me at http://www.youtube.com/killswitch423 or send an email to revelle.david@gmail.com.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this ^.^;

  9. Ildfuglen says:

    Hello! I will be streaming LD34 gameplay starting in 1 hour! You can find me at http://www.twitch.tv/ildfuglen

    Send me your entries on Twitch as private messages, or simply drop by chat!

    Thanks. !

  10. roninfight says:

    Damn, I almost wish you could rate games without having participated. I guess it’s done like that for a reason, but there are some real gems in this batch.

    • Ildfuglen says:

      You can’t? Well that’s dumb. But hey if you have some real gems then please give them to me, I’ll check them out 😀 I’m streaming right now at http:/www.twitch.tv/ildfuglen going to play and rate some games :)

    • Jupiter_Hadley says:

      Yeah, you cannot rate unless you made a game. They had a sort of vote to see if streamers could vote on games, but the community said no.

      • roninfight says:

        Fair enough. At least we can still play them and leave a comment :)

        • pkenney says:

          If Jupi wants a vote I’d give Jupi a vote. She works so damn hard for us. That said, I can understand the hardliners.

          But I want to say that as a dev, seeing a video on youtube is a huge deal, whether it be for 60 seconds or 60 minutes. Not only is it exciting and entertaining, but it also often teaches you a lesson you didn’t see coming. People’s written feedback is awesome, but as a dev nothing compares to watching a video of somebody first-sight playing my game and speaking their inner thoughts out loud as they struggle with any confusion. It’s also great to watch the small moments they enjoy.

          So I don’t blame you for wanting to be able to vote, but you’re still making a big impact even if you don’t. I’d trade one less vote for one more video pretty quickly, at least up to a point.

  11. pwings says:

    Hey ho, I’m Paddlewings, and I wanna LP your games! 😀

    I made a Pep Talk for LDJam Newbies video a few days back, and now I wanna put my money where my mouth is and play some games!

    My channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/paddlewings
    My twitter: @averywhat

    I’mma play 20 minutes’ worth of games per video, and provide ‘feedback from the average joe’ for each entry. I don’t have much to offer but my enthusiasm, though that’s gotta be worth something, right?

    You can drop me a line by either medium and I’ll get right on your LP. 😀


  12. WastelandDan says:

    I am already working on the first six right now! Figured I’d come in here to let others know.

    Name is Wasteland Dan, and my favorite kind of game to play are indie games, mostly what I have been playing since I started!

    My goal is to get six games, and play each of them for 60 seconds. I don’t know how many games I’ll be able to get through in a day, but I’ll do my best to get through all the ones I am suggested.

    If you’d like to add your game to my list, feel free to do so here: http://goo.gl/forms/ICKAQFr1iV

    And lets not forget my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRagefoxx

    I’m not picky, so let the suggestions fly.

    See you all on the wasteland!

  13. lambomang says:

    Hey there Ludum Darers! It’s your friendly neighborhood lambomang here! I’m starting a Let’s Play Ludum Dare series which will be beginning later this week, and I need YOUR games to play!

    I will be doing a series where’ll I’ll play 5 Ludum Dare games I think are pretty cool every episode. Out of those 5 I will pick my favourite, and then at the end of the series I’ll pick my overall fav out of those. The winner will win the only slightly prestigious ‘We need a better name for this title’ Title ‘You’re a winner Harry!’
    And then once the LD results have been released I’ll do a follow up episode where’ll compare how well my favourites ranked, and maybe play some other high ranked games I didn’t play.

    If you want to see your game played as part of this series, just send me a link in this super dooper handy dandy form what I cooked up last night: http://goo.gl/forms/p8H1DxjneI
    Just make sure to send me the link to your game on Ludum Dare, not where you’re hosting it. That way I can direct people back to your page to vote for your game!

    Anyway, all the fun and action will be happening over at my channel at https://youtube.com/c/lambomang/
    Subscribe to that if you want to be kept up to date on all the Ludum Dare shenanigans!

  14. GameGrape Gaming says:

    Hello Ludum Darers, This is GameGrape Gaming! Here at GameGrape Gaming we review games, more! We will do a run through of your game making sure you can see someone playing and enjoying your game but also letting you know what could be changed or whats awesome about your game.

    Feel free to send as many as you want since we review all the games that are sent! All games will be video reviewed and the reviews will be available on the GameGrape Gaming YouTube channel and GameGrape Gaming website. We will even Tweet and share the games we like the most on Twitter!

    So what are you waiting for? Do you want people to see your game(s)? Do you want to watch people play your game? The time has come! What are you waiting for!

    Get Your Game Reviewed Now!: https://goo.gl/StKpT9

    If you would like to be placed in the randomly picked group then sign up here (you are not guaranteed to get a review with this option though): http://goo.gl/forms/WMMWfbKU5N

    We can’t wait to play YOUR awesome games! See you there!

    • Jace239 says:

      I’m sorry, but why are you charging for “guaranteed let’s plays”? I looked at all of your sources. I couldn’t find a single posted review available to see your work, and your YouTube channel has only 4 subscribers. I have over 400 subscribers and I’m willing to do it for free. Almost all of us are!

      I understand that perhaps you’re trying to start this as a business, but you have to build some credibility first. Ludum Dare is a non-profit event for all involved. There is no cash prize, and most people doing this have little money to spare. I can’t imagine anyone paying for this unless they were convinced you were a well-known and proven professional, which I don’t believe you are.

      As someone who cares enough about their game that they’d consider paying for good coverage, I’m a little upset. It is possible I’ve missed or misunderstood something, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I was quite thorough. I hope you’ll reconsider how you handle things, I may be new here but even I can tell this place is not somewhere to put profit first. That’s one of the reasons it succeeds, because it’s powered by love, passion and generosity- instead of business figures.

      • GameGrape Gaming says:

        Hello Jace239, Thank you for your patience. On our YouTube channel you can find all of our videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChvVjeh1wYMYFiKs2U7jhMg/videos. We provide quality coverage of the games that are sent to us. For Ludum Dare 32 we did let’s plays of games for free. We understand how difficult it can be to get coverage for your game. Many developers put their all into their games only to get rejected by game reviewers and press. We want to change that. We are here to make sure that if a game developer would like their game reviewed, they have a way that they can get that done without having to spend precious time that they would like to be developing their game with.

        We put time and effort into our videos and content so that they have value to the community and the developer. We offer improvements, and honest critique of the games that we review. That way the developer can not only see what needs to be improved but also has an idea of what would make their game more enjoyable from another persons point of view. This is valuable feedback and we feel that all game developers should be able to have access to it.

        We are offering guaranteed game reviews because that what we do. When someone sends in a game to be reviewed through GameGrape Gaming, we get it done and then they can go on their way with the peace of mind knowing that we have them covered for their written review, let’s play video and game review needs. We know that not all developers are in a position to use what we offer so we give out free let’s play videos on Ludum Dare events like we did for the Ludum 32, and 33 as well as this one.

        People who use GameGrape Gaming are using it because they want to help their game, it’s not about us but instead about the developer. We have a small following right now, and it will grow just like any other YouTube Account.

        We are all powered by love, passion and generosity. We charge because we want to able to provide quality service for a long time.

        Here’s a link to a Game Review we have done for lxxgarrisonxxl’s Ludum Dare 34 game Tile Breaker Revolution: https://youtu.be/12hurMpT3aU

        We love this community and truly enjoy playing all the amazing games! Hopefully we we’re able to answer your questions :). Have a nice day! 😀

        GameGrape Gaming – Game On!

        • Jace239 says:

          Hello GameGrape Gaming,
          I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. When I go to your YouTube channel directly, it says there’s no content. I see now that there actually is content but that for some reason YouTube isn’t showing it. I’m happy to hear that I was wrong and that you love this community too. I recommend looking into using Audacity to clean up your audio, as that was a big turn-off for me while watching your videos. I think that will help a lot. Good luck with growing your channel. I hope you have a nice day too! :)

  15. blohod says:

    I will be streaming ludum dare games in a few days at: http://www.twitch.tv/meep706.

    If you want me to review and play your game then fill in this form: https://goo.gl/pIJFuu

  16. Gunzil says:

    I’ll play game too if anyone would like. I’ll send out tweets and emails when I’m going to stream them as well as post the recording on youtube:


  17. thecatspajamas says:

    Playing Games on twitch, post in the chat and ill play your game!

    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/cantdoright

  18. Jace239 says:

    This was my first Ludum Dare, but I have been a YouTube Let’s Player for several years. Due to various computer and health problems I was unable to tend to my channel for a long time, but I’m trying to make a comeback now. As part of that, I’d like to play as many games from LD34 as possible.

    I still have a fair amount of subscribers (409 at the time of this posting) and I’d be happy to give your games both publicity and genuine feedback. If you’re interested, please enter your games here: http://goo.gl/forms/Ex8O33DAwh

    You can find my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/JACE239

    Thanks for reading, I look forward to playing your games!

  19. PurpleFrogPlays says:

    Greetings all!

    I will be streaming Ludum Dare games the next two weeks on my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/PurpleFrogPlays

    I live stream at 8 p.m. Eastern Time (UTC-5) on YouTube Live Streaming. Please feel free to submit proposed games to frog AT purplefrogplays DOT youknowwhat. Caveat: I’ll only play Linux games. I’ll also record some fun ones for let’s plays or at least let’s tries in the future!

  20. MikeBoyd says:

    Hey everyone and good morning from rainy old England!

    My name is Mike from M.A.D Gaming! I recently took part it my very first game jam (Asylum Jam) last month and I had a ton of fun checking out some of the games and I’ve been following Ludum Dare since last year (but this year is the first I’ve been creating videos for my channel).

    I’ve already recorded and am in the process of uploading one of the Ludum Dare games but I’m always interested to play more! If you’d like me to play one of your games give me a PM and I’ll give you honest feedback to the best of my abilities.

    Right here’s my channel so you can see some of my past work http://www.youtube.com/c/mikeboydgaming.

    I really look forward to hearing from you (and even if I don’t I will still play some of the games….sorry)

  21. James McVitty says:

    Hey there everybody! My name’s James and I competed in LD34, but I also run a YouTube channel over at http://www.youtube.com/Terrachotic, where (after a Star Wars screening or two) I’ll play some Ludum Dare games!
    On my channel I post a somewhat wide range of content related to gaming, but there isn’t anything else that could be further from your GTAs and CoDs than a Game Jam game, and thats a good thing! Diversity in content is a plus, and one that I’m excited to explore.

    There’s obviously too many for me to sort through, so submit them to me through here: http://goo.gl/forms/zG1CGtiy2d


  22. AngiePlays says:

    Hello everyone!
    I will be recording plenty of Ludum Dare games this weekend and I would love to play yours! Best way to contact me is through Twitter: @AngiePlaysGames

    First Ludum Dare let’s plays should show up on Monday [21.12] on my channel (all the details can be found on Twitter, and if you want me to send yourself link directly, it’s not a problem! :)

  23. JenniNexus says:

    Hi friends – finished a collaborative submission for #LD34 and am now excited to play other games people have made during the jam! As a dev-in-training, I’m still pretty new to LudumDare, and played a handful of games from #32 .. you can check out the correlating playlist if you like: http://tinyurl.com/LetsPlay-LD32

    This time I’ll be playing & making a similar playlist for #34, here: http://tinyurl.com/LetsPlay-LD34

    Submit your game to my list and I’ll do as many as I can, over the next few weeks :-)

    http://twitch.tv/JenniNexus | http://youtube.com/c/JenniNexusPlaysGames

    ?? Jenni

  24. WizzardMaker says:

    I want to play your game!
    I will play many LD games and to be sure yours is in there too I made a small form: http://goo.gl/forms/X8J9k4y2os just fill in all the infos and I try to play your game!

  25. Ildfuglen says:

    Hey everyone! I’ve been streaming a bunch of your games already on http://www.twitch.tv/ildfuglen

    Also, due to popular demand, I’ve put the footage into playlists on youtube:

    Unfortunately I wasn’t clever enough to list what games I played, so if you’d like you can go look through the playlists to see if I played your game in any of them.

  26. MrSuicideFish says:

    Speaking of streamers and youtubers; My entry, Game Streamer Tycoon let’s you play as a streamer trying to gain likes. You guys should enjoy it. Check it out here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=41219

  27. RovingSquid says:

    It’s been a while since we’ve done any let’s plays, but we are planning to starting Thurs night through the weekend. If you’d like us to play your game, send us an email at community@rovingsquid.com

    If you would like to play our game, Space Plant 6000, it’s here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=54903


  28. OnlySlightly says:

    Hi everybody! We have a whole room of people piled on a giant bed playing your games at http://www.twitch.tv/onlyslightly
    Me, Gingy, Amanda, and Jeff are here and ready to play your amazing games right this instant!

  29. RoseNinja says:

    Hello world. I’m streaming some games. i give feedback, bring cookies, watching anything needs, cookies. http://www.twitch.tv/roseninja

  30. LukeZaz says:

    Going to be streaming some more Ludum Dare games again come Wednesday the 16th at 7:30 PM CST on my twitch channel (twitch.tv/lukezaz), so if you’d like to see a game (be it yours or someone elses) played, feel free to submit it to this form: http://goo.gl/forms/9loZxii3Rs

    Additionally, I’ll be announcing my streams on my Twitter page (twitter.com/zazanxors) and if you provide your twitter handle I’ll mention you in said announcement if I intend to play your game. I’ll also be shooting out a link to the broadcast to those whose games I played, so don’t worry if you can’t make it!

  31. thecatspajamas says:

    Our team is taking turns streaming. Right now you can send games to http://www.twitch.tv/feldaar if you want to watch us play.

  32. Hey I’m interested in playing Ludum Dare games, if you’re think they’re fun. My channel is at http://youtube.com/c/zombieskittles

    Best way to contact me is probably via email, which is youtube@zombieskittles.com

  33. Chubb1337 says:

    Hi there! My name is Chubb1337, and I will be playing all your Ludum Dare 34 games in the next 3 weeks!
    Feel free to drop by when I’m streaming and drop your entry in the chat (or in a Google docs form, if I might make one).

    I will give live feedback on your game and rate it afterwards.

    My channel is: http://www.twitch.tv/chubb1337

    Follow me to see when I am streaming, so you can post your LD entry live in the chat!

  34. Talslain says:

    Hey guys I’m going to be playing the Ludum Dare games over the next three weeks, please suggest a game for me to play here: http://goo.gl/forms/5aWzMHEP6s

    Check out my channel here: http://www.youtube.com/hoardfilms

    In the video I will give feedback and a final rating on four different categories and then an overall rating.

    Check out a scedule for the games I’ll be playing here: https://goo.gl/DJMnth

    Alternatively feel free to send your request on twitter here: https://goo.gl/n3PmhW


  35. Molpe says:

    Hey guys!
    I’m a YouTuber and I want to play your games! I play all different kinds of games, sooo go ahead and send me some! I’ll try and record them as soon as possible! x)

    My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDw2tybrd1pzSedeeyBb9tA
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/marta_molpe

  36. Eingya says:

    Gonna stream some games on my twitch channel in the next couple of days: http://www.twitch.tv/12amgaming/profile

    If you want your game streamed just submit it here


    and I’ll get to it :)

  37. Crowbeak says:

    I am Lena LeRay, a.k.a. Crowbeak. I write for IndieGames.com. Please to submitting games here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ju3I9s3AtfG5EtUFOcXB1wbUmrSpMiYg9Vv_1kyAqJg/viewform

  38. BackslashYoutube says:

    Hello. We are Backslash Network, a Youtube let’s play channel with mostly indie game videos.

    We have an upbeat, positive & happy type of commentary, we do not bash on games ever and we always provide feedback if needed. Check us out here: https://www.youtube.com/c/BackslashNetwork

    Send us a message here or on Twitter if you want us to play your game: https://twitter.com/BackslashYT

  39. MicroMacro says:

    Hey, it’s me, Eric. I’ll be doing a few videos here and there, so if you want me to get your game, here’s a google form: http://goo.gl/forms/lCVayG0Ymr

    Looking forward to see what you’ve got!

  40. Ganilder says:

    Hi there!

    If you enjoy watching NO COMMENTARY gameplays maybe you should sub to my channel. I play only almost indie games, including Ludum Dare. I´m waiting for you there! ;D

    CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNZBrFWLQXl3SWIGM7woiaw

    LATEST LD34 VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLDiq26gzMk

  41. SirJambon says:


    I’m Sir Jambon, a YouTube let’s player with 27k subscribers that usually plays driving games and simulators, however this week I am playing a bunch of weird indie games, some of which have been produced for Ludum Dare.

    Kicking things off I’ve played TRIMMER TYCOON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQdnMTG8gIY

    Check out my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/sirjambon

  42. Starr Mazer TV wants to play YOUR Ludum Dare 34 Game!

    Submit here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1twvYKDZCtb3dANoHCkK7EUEvorrvhB5nzoja_yaaS8A/viewform

    We stream every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 3pm PST on http://twitch.tv/starrmazer. We’ll be playing games, rating and leaving feedback.

    We look forward to playing your game!

    By the way, have you tried our game, Melissa – A Game of Choice? Please try it out, rate and leave a comment about your experience.

  43. Instant Replay Live says:

    We played 5 entries from Richmond, Va, our home city. RVA has a ton of talented people and local pride is strong so we wanted to really highlight that and picked what we think were the 5 best from the area to play on our Let’s Play and here’s the result:


  44. GameGrape Gaming says:

    Hey guys, This is GameGrape Gaming! Here at GameGrape Gaming we review games, more! We will do a run through of your game and we will also give you feedback.

    All games will be video reviewed and the reviews will be available on the GameGrape Gaming YouTube channel and GameGrape Gaming website. We will even Tweet and share the games we like the most on Twitter!

    So what are you waiting for?

    Get Your Game Reviewed Now!: http://gamegrapestudios.com/gamegrapegaming

    If you would like to be placed in the randomly picked group then sign up here (you are not guaranteed to get a review with this option though): https://goo.gl/forms/1JArGP4uiCJa71DP2

    We can’t wait to play your game! See you there :)!

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