5 Important Submission Tips

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December 13th, 2015 11:05 pm

The voting for the Compo entries has begun! I’ve started checking games and found that there’s something that could be improved in almost every submitted entry.


Below are submission tips for newcomers (and haunters) which may be useful to get more positive feedback and possibly improve your final ranks:

  1. Include list of technologies you’ve used in your game to the description of your game. Name your framework, platform, tools you’ve used. Web, html5, Windows, GameMaker, Unity, etc.

    There are people who search for games made with the same technology as they’ve used. For example, I always search for games made with HTML5, web games, and cocos2d games (I used this framework this time).

  2. Describe the rules of your game in the text. Keep it short but informative. Some games look amazing in terms of art, but their rules are hardly understandable.
  3. Describe your controls. Even if you have just two buttons in the game – people need to know which.
  4. Turn OFF themes you’re not willing to compete in (audio, innovation, etc.) . If your game has nothing about humor (like mine) – there’s no need to ask people judge it in this category.
  5. Turn ON anonymous feedback. There’s a chance that you’ll get a harsh comment which will open your eyes and bring your game development skills to a completely new level. Don’t miss it.

Hope that helps :)

P.S. Please give your honest opinion on my game, I’ll appreciate that.

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  1. RafaelOliveira says:

    It’s ok to change the description after the submission hour?

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