Writing a HTML5 game in Python (almost)

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December 12th, 2015 9:18 pm

Trying to participate again…

This time my goal, besides finishing a game, is to become familiar with Rapydscript .

Rapydscript is a subset of Python that transpiles to Javascript.

So I’m writing a HTML5 game in Python (almost) using Phaser. I’m creating a simple wrapper of Phaser for Rapydscript (Physer), so my game code passes the PEP8 and other Python tests…

This is how the game code looks like so far:


As you can see, besides the camel case in some methods (Phaser standard) it looks and feels like Python.

And this is how it looks so far:


You can try v0.001 here.


Good luck to all

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3 Responses to “Writing a HTML5 game in Python (almost)”

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