WOoooooooooooooooh Ludum Dare!

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December 12th, 2015 1:20 pm

It’s been a little while! But here I am daring to dare again (you’d think I wouldn’t be so dum(b) as to do more of these). ha. ha.

I’m using some previously existing code I wrote and some music a friend made so this will be a Jam entry, not the ‘ole compo.  ANYways here’s WONKS




How does it fit the theme? No idea! you might try to grow something at some point (But that’s salt water, maybe your goal is to find fresh water, although the intended goal is to be taken on a spiritual journey like no other).  Most of what’s in the game right now is audio/atmosphere stuff. There’s some soft ocean noises, footsteps, you can click LMB/RMB to close your weird freakish robot clampers and they make a delightful sound when you do.

Right now I’m working on the “pod” or something you start the game in, I think the idea is you landed on this planet? You can see the base of the pod at the far end of the sandbank or whatever this is.

More importantly I think I’m going to let you snip those reeds with your clambers, with a real good little snip snip sound effect in there. That’s probably what WONKS needs right now.

Happy Jamming!

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  1. LavaGhost says:

    What language are you using?

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