Swimming in the River Styx

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December 12th, 2015 3:57 pm

Finally settled on what kind of game I want to make. A big thank you to my wife for encouraging and inspiring me as I brainstormed possibilities.


You play as a soul swimming in the River Styx, fighting against the current and encountering (or avoiding) souls as you do. The controls will use the mouse for movement and the left/right mouse buttons for interactions with the other souls.

I don’t want to spoil the plot, and I may not even get to implement it depending on how long it takes to get everything working, but I’ll explain the mechanics.

The black souls are hostile and will chase you, drag you down and attempt to make you a part of the darkness at the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, white souls will try to reach the white light, and souls which are turning black will slowly fall towards darkness with the occasional fits of hostility.

When you encounter another soul (regardless of color), you will go to an Interaction Screen where you can use either harmful (left-click) or helpful (right-click) applications of your power to interact with the opposing soul. At the same time, the soul will also be interacting with you in its own way.

Depending on how you interact, you may defeat the soul and make some of its power your own, or you may befriend it and it will accompany you on your journey (as depicted above by the orbiting souls). There will be three endings based on how you choose to interact with the souls around you.

As you defeat souls and absorb their power, you will grow in size and be able to more easily encounter other souls. Alternatively as you befriend souls, your friends will grow in number. This is how the Growth theme is incorporated, although there is a subtler incorporation as well revealed with the plot.

I’ll cover more on how interaction works and the variety of powers that can be used in a later post. Time to work on the game itself!

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