New Ludum Dare, new rules

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December 12th, 2015 6:25 am

Yes, new rules. Some allegroids were decided to add Speed Hack’s Rule-o-matic rules to this Ludum Dare, and they’re inspiring, or something.

Speed Hack is a competition similar to Ludum Dare, but also different. It is mandatory to use the Allegro game library, which is cool. Also there are space limitations, and some rules that are defined by the Astounding Rule-o-matic. So the rules are:

Genre requirements (from Ludum Dare)
Two button controls! Growing!

Technical requirements
There are 2 technical requirements:

Final Boss
The game must have a final boss to defeat. This does not limit you into an adventure or action game! Even Tetris Attack featured “bosses” of sorts.

Just a minute
The main gameplay must take exactly one minute to complete, whether the player(s) win or lose.

Artistic requirements
There are 2 artistic requirements:

It doesn’t matter what the idea is, but the program should stamp it in at every available moment, or let it sub-consciously sift into the user’s mind. The more complicated idea the better. The more effective the better. Please make note of what you are trying to bring over, so it is verifiable.

Mutating visuals
The game must continually change its visuals – distorting, changing colour, or changing the shape of playfield altogether – the more creative you get, the better.

Bonus rules
There is 1 bonus rule:

Act of Politician
Hide your incompetence! If one rule is too tough for you, omit it by putting in a distraction that kicks donkeys. F.i. if one rule says you must have a high score table, you should make the UI look like if there was one, but when game ends, interrupt everything with lots of eye candy and great music. Or with a neat bonus mini game.

Let’s see what happens…

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