LD34 Update #2: The darkness is growing

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December 12th, 2015 11:59 pm

I’ve polished up the movement for the player (the main white soul) and enemies (the black souls), and even added in some friendly white souls that you can protect. The player moves around with the mouse and can emit a pulse of light to repel enemies by holding down the right mouse button. You have to be careful though, you might send the enemy flying right into one of the other white souls! If a black soul touches one, they’ll be converted and join their ranks.

These mechanics will continue to evolve as I work, but it’s pretty fun so far. With how much time it took to work out some kinks, I may need to scrap the plans for an alternate combat screen when you actually touch the souls. For now I think I’ll focus on trying to make a fun game with the existing mechanics, maybe leaning more towards a bullet hell shooter. By the next update I intend to at the very least add a lose condition and some more variety to the enemy behavior.

Need a snack break though. I think I’ll grab some food and browse other people’s updates for a bit. Keep it up everyone! I look forward to playing these!

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