In…out…back in, maybe

Posted by (twitter: @Serious_Creeper)
December 12th, 2015 11:05 am

So i originally planned to join this time around again.

I’ve had a lot of issues with burnouts and not having much creativity left for a long time (and it’s still sort of ongoing).

But i figured participating in LD might help me a bit again.
Unfortunately i didn’t really come up with a game idea, well, sort of maybe, but i need to refine it a lot still.

However, part of the idea was a growing beanstalk and i kinda just wanted to sit down and get the tech done for that bit.
It seems to work pretty well so far, it creates a dynamic mesh at runtime, scales, positions and rotates it properly and also makes sure the uv map matches the mesh size.

What it looks so far (does this support gfycat?)


Now to work on some gameplay and better art.

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  1. Xeke_Death says:

    That looks impressive, SC… Good work…!

  2. jessartisan says:

    Looks awesome 😀

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