I’m in , and a photoshop mockup to start

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December 12th, 2015 9:52 am


wasn’t sure I was going to be in this time due to personal time constraints ; but I came up with an idea over night of what I hope is a simple enough idea I can get it going without too much effort.


I made a quick mockup in photoshop..and yes I will probably do a combo of both themes.  My character will have to navigate a hazard course with the two buttons ..and they grow over time making it more difficult.


I still have to decide what  I want the two buttons to do exactly .. “up/down” or  “forward/jump” .. and I’m considering doing stuff like in many games if you double click a button maybe thats jump so I could have B1=LEFT  B2 = RIGHT ,  double click B2= JUMP RIGHT, double click B1=Jump left

The only reason this isn’t fully decided is because I’m envisioning it as sort of an infinite side scroll runner in one direction … so why the need for the left facing controls? Makes no sense so seems like a waste of button.. except for the use case of the player needing to pause/stop or slow down the movement rate to the right to time / avoid hazards?



The rules don’t seem to call out the need to expose your entire stack any longer just that you make it yourself.. in any case tools I’m likely to use:


  • Unity 5.3
  • Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Spriter (will be later if I have time to polish up a better looking char w/ animations)
  • bxfr
  • Music/Sound production apps on my iPad
  • Audacity
  • a template unity project I have that has my base menu system already system (main menu, play, credits) to bootstrap quickly
  • I’d like to use MasterAudio plugin for Unity but the need to share sourcecode makes that difficult as its a paid audio library.  I’ll only kick that in if it reaches a certain complexity level that I want MasterAudio to handle it for me

I think that’s about it but I reserve the right to use other tools I own if needed :)

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