End of day 1 progress

December 12th, 2015 12:54 pm

So I’m into the compo with my engine, and I have to say I did my first day well. Here are some screenshots.


That is the boss level, the mother ship spawns the child ships in five waves, and goes away. There is no death to the mother ship, because, it is a mother and we should respect it. The children can be shot though. After that, and before that, there will be again 5 waves, but this time only the children. They are generated completely randomly.


That is the shield of the player, which exists for a maximum of three seconds, and can be turned on my pressing right alt key. You cannot fire when shield is on, because yeah, the shield is solid. The firing key is left alt key. Only two controls!


That is the logo for this game. Everything is almost done and the game play is implemented. Now the remaining things for tomorrow is to implement the menus, add in score and lives, a lot of play testing, and finally SUBMITTING TO THE COMPO!!

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