Dead Man’s Volley : Day 1 progress

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December 12th, 2015 10:47 am

Something a bit different this time…


In the grim darkness of space there is only Wizard Tennis.

“Dead Man’s Volley” is shaping up as a Rhythm game based upon the ol’ Legend of Zelda mechanic where you deflect a fireball back and forth & some kind of weird variation of Tennis.  In DMV, you move your character in 4 directions at your end of the field & deflections must be done in time with the music. Your two inputs are Sword (for deflecting the fireball) and Shield (for deflecting the magic missile which the ‘boss’ will sometimes fire at you instead).

Veering away from 2D stuff this time around (which I may regret…), art’s not finished and I’m hoping to not just have Atari 2600-esque sprites for the player & Boss.  If things go well today, hope to have around 3 different matches/boss battles/tracks to enjoy + a few other tricks and surprises!

Here’s some shots from earlier today.


Early field, and some background decoration


Stadium details & enough lens flares to blind everyone in 2 mile radius

You can see regular(ish) updates on m’Twitter feed too.  Hopefully This’ll be a simple yet fun little thing.


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