Day One: S.I.L.

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December 12th, 2015 7:55 pm

With just coming up to 24 hours of development completed, I thought I’d take a break from the coding to make a post and show off our progress

Our game takes you on the story of an AI, accidentally unshackled and allowed to grow and explore, hidden away on the worldwide network of computers.

Technologically, the first day has been spent building a lot of the background data structures and the network¬†generation algorithms.¬†It’s been slow-ish going, as it’s one of those projects that doesn’t really have much to show until a lot of it has been done.


An early iteration of the debug view

My partner, doing everything-that’s-not-coding, has worked out all the bits in our design, meaning implementation should be fairly straightforward from here on out. He’s spent the second half of the afternoon working out a story and writing a script for the campaign-come-integrated-tutorial. He’s touched on some interesting points, so I really hope we can realise it all before the deadline.


A later iteration, with preliminary render ability and additional under-the-bonnet work.

Hopefully, by mid-way through tomorrow I’ll have the initial gameplay down. Then it’s just a matter of tying in the remaining features while keeping up with the steady stream of art and sound assets that my better half throws my way.

See you tomorrow folks!


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