And more mechanics make it in

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December 12th, 2015 8:40 pm

Progress update (still no name for this game)

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  1. Drtizzle says:

    Are you collecting only the red blocks? The music is really good!

    • krispy says:

      Thanks Dritzzle!

      Game works like this:
      1. There will be one open door
      2. The colored walls hide where the door is
      3. Picking up a color cube raises the associated colored wall a tiny bit
      4. Walls fall down over time
      5. Picking up a cube that does not match the track color you are on will swap the back walls (so if you pick up a blue cube on a red track then the grey hidden walls/door will swap places)
      6. Lane’s will randomly cause camera effects that can mess with your ability to know what color everything is

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